Mini-Blog: Microwave Ovens 1/16/2013

I wonder if there are people who are really expert at using a microwave to cook stuff. Like, I don’t know about you, but I usually just look at the suggested time (and apply my first rule of cooking in the case of a suggested range of times: round down from the average value of the range in units of 10^(floor(log10(max time)))). I have no sense of any of the power settings and just pray that it’ll default to something.

So, I was just curious who has pushed the envelope here. Is there a community out there who can do the things with a microwave that a chef wouldn’t dream of doing with a stove? Like, have people written really complicated recipes that include sequences of power adjustments and rest phases? Likewise, do they take offense when the appliance maker adds in a bunch of pre-set buttons, ‘baked potato? what is that?’ or ‘the defrost on this model is a joke.’?

2 thoughts on “Mini-Blog: Microwave Ovens 1/16/2013

  1. i can’t say that i’ve cooked with a microwave to any degree beyond heating things up and hot pockets and the like. but i do know that in the late 70s my parents took a course in microwave cooking, and the house i grew up in had its oven in the basement, because when my dad remodeled the kitchen he didn’t leave room for one, convinced that “we can cook everything in the microwave.”

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