Essential Music: Tensnake feat. Syron — “Mainline”

I thought last month was a great one for the site. A lot of music posts from Zach and Darren. Kind of fell off a little in the past few weeks which I guess is partly my fault.

Anyway, could you find a video that’s trying harder to bring back 90s house? I don’t know…

One thought on “Essential Music: Tensnake feat. Syron — “Mainline”

  1. yeah sorry i haven’t been posting more. although this video reminds me of something i wanted to post earlier:

    lisa lisa & cult jam (embedding disabled):

    i was going to say that like that style, and the colors and how the cover is put together in the first link, and the video itself in the second link, it’s so indicative of late 80s early 90s, like the 5 years between 88 and 93. but i guess at least this tensnake video shows maybe it’s making a comeback?

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