RS Podcast Episode VII (Philip K. Dick)

In this episode Darren and I wade ankle deep into the worlds and legacy of author Philip K. Dick. We cover it all.

Have to warn in advance that this podcast ended up being pretty low key. So, even though I had a monster energy drink right before recording don’t necessarily expect off the wall insanity.

Length: 1.27.25

Thanks for listening! (Strong Language Advisory)

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13 thoughts on “RS Podcast Episode VII (Philip K. Dick)

  1. great episode!! i think maybe you guys pause too much while you’re talking mid-sentence, though, like if you cut out all the dead space in this episode it would be half as long. XD

    i didn’t think Truman Show was directly based on any Dick story, was it…? i hated the Scanner Darkly movie, ugh.

  2. thanks for listening ross! I hear you. I usually edit the podcast more carefully, but this time I really just wanted to get it out there just because I had all this stuff going on.

    hopefully once we get a few episodes recorded we’ll be better able to put out something engaging

  3. Mark and Darren,

    I was waiting for someone else to comment first :). I really liked this episode, but I didn’t feel like I could really comment on it intelligently since I’ve never read any pkd and I only vaguely remember blade runner. I still remember your comment to Michael about Scanner Darkly that it was going to be a lot of guys being all “duuude” which was pretty much what it was XD.

  4. thanks zach, any suggestions for future podcast topics? we always have trouble finding things to discuss

  5. i think another gaming podcast would be sweet, or maybe something about the job search/disillusionment with traditional employment – maybe that’s too adult/depressing.

  6. Ross… Zach… thanks for slogging through this one. The dead-space this time around is makes it pretty cumbersome, though it was difficult not quite knowing where the conversation was going. But, I honestly didn’t realize my breathing was so off the wall.

    And, Zach, thanks especially since you haven’t even read any PKD (!). But, forget the job search. Buzzkill. “Retro Gaming Pt. 2″ had been in the works even prior to this one, but I still can’t gauge if Mark is up for it.

    Mark, I’m blowing through ‘Time Out Of Joint’ on your pseudo-recommendation…and decided to watch ‘The Lathe Of Heaven’ (1980, PBS version) as I had heard mention of Le Guin’s story being very “phildickian.” Pretty sweet.

    I wish you guys were into Dr. Who or swords and sorcery. You should all podcast about ‘Hunger Games’ following the movie.

  7. yeah zach, I’m not sure we need to actually go out in search of disillusionment! but I wouldn’t mind sharing some anecdotes about my own experiences. we’ll see

    I’d love to do another video game podcast. Like darren said, retro gaming part 2 has been talked about. beyond that though I’m not sure we’d be able to find a lot of common ground in terms of stuff we could both play. I’ve almost broken down and bought a ps3 recently but still have some indecision between that and a gaming pc.

    that lathe of heaven miniseries is pretty awesome by the way, and tell me if you also think the characters at the end of time out of joint are like xaero

    what do you mean by swords and sorcery. you know I’m really into Gauntlet!

  8. i wasn’t planning on seeing the Hunger Games movie because i love the books so much but looks like i’m seeing it after all so maybe i can podcast about it if the movie doesn’t break my heart. T_T

  9. omg hunger games movies so scary, trying to live in a world where they don’t exist.

    darren i’m actually into some sword & sorcery stuff. i got pretty into the conan dark horse comics when ross would let me borrow his books, and i also read the fafhrd & grey mouser mike mignola book. I also read some of the Delany Neveryon series. kind of interesting how they get lumped in with sci fi genre fiction but i think they’re pretty different beasts.

    i should check out the lathe of heaven series too since i’m getting super into le guin right now.

  10. Fawn kept bugging me to go, then Nick is in town next weekend and wanted something to do, so fine, i’ll see the damn movie. at least if it ruins my life by causing me to helplessly imagine Jennifer Lawrence when i re-read the books, i’ll be able to blame Fawn and make her feel bad. >: D

    Doctor Who and sword & sorcery both kind of suck, let’s be honest here.

  11. I wouldn’t mind seeing hunger games with you guys next weekend if you’ll have me. it’d be cool to meet nick too.

  12. Mark, do you mean the character from Quake who looks like Krillin? Anyway, I thought this quote from TOoJ was particularly ironic given Dick’s personal life, “[W]hen the heavens open and God speaks to me by name…that’s when the psychosis takes over.”

    Zach, having read all of Leiber’s F&GM series, I was a bit let down by the Chaykin and Mignola version, though it was interesting to see those stories visualized. I’ll be honest, I’ve been eager to get Mark’s opinion of ‘The Swords of Lankhmar,’ but he doesn’t seem interested in checking it out. While it’s the only true novel in the F&GM series, it’s still probably the most succinct, and almost cinematic. Here and there are some hints at an acceptance of less conventional social mores, which is why I thought that one in particular would make for a decent podcast. You can read the short story it was based on (“Scylla’s Daughter) on Google Books (

    I had been meaning to check out Delaney’s ‘Neveryon,’ after finishing ‘Nova,’ but the sort of self-professed upturning of genre convention put me off enough to keep it on the back-burner before digging into more of the classics. I should pick ‘Dhalgren’ back up, though, as I loved the imagery from the get go, but got sidetracked for whatever reason.

    Anyhow, this ‘Hunger Games’ movie is obviously aiming for the top. No less than 5 pages in each of the New York papers we get around here, and I see they’ve tapped the Food Drive angle for some “benefit” screenings. Nice.

  13. @mark: yeah, you should come! i’m having second thoughts again, i don’t know if i want to see this movie, i’m really ridiculous and feel bent out of shape about it, but if we go you can definitely come. or if i bail on the movie you should still hang out with us whatever we end up doing. :) there doesn’t seem to be anything else worthwhile playing movie-wise..

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