Do It Again

Commercial radio is truly a gold mine for unintentional irony.  I was cruising around Sacramento this morning listening to classic rock chestnut “Do It Again,” which in true Steely Dan fashion tells a disturbing story of bad decisions, dependence and obsession over a silky smooth jazz-funk rhythm track.  The last verse goes like this:

Now you swear and kick and beg us
That you’re not a gamblin’ man
Then you find you’re back in Vegas
With a handle in your hand
Your black cards can bring you money
So you hide them when you’re able
In the land of milk and honey
You must put them on the table

After unceremoniously cutting off the song’s outro, whatever meathead DJ was on duty around 10 am today enthusiastically announced the station’s exciting giveaway, for a weekend of fun in, you guessed it, Las Vegas.  Oops.


OKAY, let’s try this post again. i had it up earlier (sorry for your lost comment, mark!) but i kept fearing some kind of backtracing from the blogs i was linking to, like remember when Zach accidentally lured people to RS like that Kevin Church guy and wasn’t there another one, some political blogger who was really mad? anyway, i didn’t want to start a shitstorm here on the blog, even a small one, so i’m starting over and being less moody. :D

anyway, wasn’t sure what category to put this in.

thought i’d do a Shadoweyes-related post since it’s supposed to be Shadoweyes Month here at RS, and the San Diego Comic Con was pretty slow and uneventful this year, and most of the good stuff i can’t talk about publicly because it involves specific people so there isn’t much left to talk about. anyway, other than the advance review by Kelly Thompson from a while back, there are a few new reviews: one really good one on Amazon, a stellar one on, and one mixed not-so-good review at Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie (you have to scroll down a little for that one). check ‘em out.

i’m still hard at work on the second volume, Shadoweyes In Love. i’ve been running a behind-the-scenes kind of interactive series of posts on my livejournal where i put up cover sketches and color tests and get people’s opinions as i narrow it down with each installment, inching toward the final cover, and i realized i should have been putting them up here on RS, too. i have a friend who’s also trying to put together a live-action Shadoweyes short film, he’s already contacted special effects people including Stan Winston studios about getting estimates for building a Shadoweyes suit. i’m pretty excited about it, and my job right now is that i have to write a script or outline or something for what happens in the film (not sure how long it’s going to be, probably less than 5-10 minutes) but i don’t have any ideas!!!

i was supposed to go see Inception with Dan today but he ended up having to hang out with his dad so i’m not sure when i’ll get out to see it. WHATEVER, it probably sucks anyway. sorry again that i lost your comment, Mark, but i liked how you said you’d see “an Inception” with me, haha. do you want to see it without Dan or should we wait for him? his schedule is really packed.

The Fire Escape and the Boardwalk: June 2010

The latest round of bands gigging at Sacramento’s Fire Escape and Boardwalk may not live up to the lofty example of Blownload, Sexrat, or the Snot Cocks as far as hilariously bad band names, but June does offer some decent pickings. Enjoy:

Friday, June 11 @ The Fire Escape

“Summer Showdown 2″ (night 1)



Dogfood (that sounds about right)


Saturday, June 12 @ The Fire Escape

“Summer Showdown 2″ (night 2)


March into Paris



(I’m hoping for a Fallrise-Splitself final round.  Maybe they’ll form a Voltron-like super band called Fallrisesplitself.  Also, a band called Coldcokt is playing at the ‘Scape on 6/25.)

Saturday, June 12 @ The Boardwalk

Conducting From the Grave

The Antioch Synopsis (sounds like a terrible Tom Clancy-esque thriller)



Beyond all Ends


My Murderous Intentions

Karakas (because the city of Caracas, Venezuela sounds badass when misspelled!)

(By the way, how long did this show run?  Two days?  Could it still be going on?)

edwardian drunks.

seems like it might be a boring article until you see the photos and how cartoony these people were. so weird! they look like concept artwork for a movie or Sebastian Kruger caricatures or something:

weird drunkards.

2 second hate

For whatever reason Eric Clapton has always grated on me. I think it was one of those arbitrary middle school/high school decisions that I’ve never really had reason to revise. Anyway this cell phone commercial has been on non-stop during the olympics and I’m super sick of it. The thing I hate the most is the “move” Clapton does at 0:15. Other lowlights include the song (“I get off on ’57 Chevys” cannot think of a less interesting thing to get off on) and Clapton doing his best Earthworm Jim impression at 0:11.